Sunday, 14 April 2013

By the power of Greyskull......

If there's one thing I've learned along the way through changing my life from the Maccas Monster to the clean eating machine it is now is that I truly do have the Power.

I have the Power to make a choice.

It seems insignificant really, I make choices all the time really. Boots or Converse? Which pair of earrings? Which way will I drive today? Will I eat now or later?

 I don't always OWN the choices I make though.  I used to think my choices were someone else's problem.

  •  I ate a lot of junk food because I didn't have time to cook, I was too busy running around with work and kids etc etc.
  • I didn't exercise because I was never the 'sporty' child. So I couldn't be a sporty adult, everyone said so.
  • I ate chocolate because GODDAMIT I have PMS and you are really TICKING ME OFF with your JUDGEMENTS!
 Hmmm.....Now that I've grown up and put my Big Girl panties on, I can see how I just wasted my Power. Making it someone else's problem meant I didn't have to take any responsibility for what was happening to me. I was in effect, a giant baby, waiting for everyone else to make my decisions for me. I used to wish things were different.  I WISH I had more time.  I WISH I wasn't so pudgy. I wish, I wish, I wish.

I wish I was a real person.

But just like He-Man, without the instant tan and flowing locks ( what is IN that sword, some sort of nuclear reactor?), I found the Power. It was completely by accident really.  I was on the internet wishing again for my life to be different to what it was.  I couldn't stand myself any longer. And I stumbled upon the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. Instead of talking to my husband about it and therefore talking myself OUT of it, I did it.....I used the Power and CHOSE to sign up.

Well then, once I was in, I CHOSE to commit to it, I CHOSE to attend gym 6 days a week and I CHOSE to not give up when it got a bit harder.

I was on a  roll.  The Power consumed me!  I was making choices left, right and centre. With food. With funruns. With EVERYTHING. And every choice I made, the Power grew stronger.  I reckon now I could give He Man a run for his money!

Now, when I'm feeling frustrated, lost or defeated, all I have to do is remind myself...I have the Power to change the situation. I can choose to find a solution and get on with it. And that is an amazing feeling, enough to motivate me, and recharge the mojo. It doesn't just stop with choosing clean food over junk, or choosing gym over bed but it is in every facet of my life. It is in my work, my relationships, my house....and the ripples go further than I ever dreamed of.

It's noone else's problem. And I don't WANT it to be someone else's problem. Now I have the Power, I sure as hell don't want to give it up easily.  Using this Power got me to run a half marathon.  It got me into and through Tough Mudder. It led me in a funrun up a mountain. It was strongest when I did my first beginners triathlon, after just learning to swim. Now why would I give up something that has given me so much strength, so much achievement and new experiences, so much FUN?!

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  1. I need to learn this lesson still! I know it, but I don't live it. Thanks for the reminder.