Sunday, 17 February 2013

Real Women

We've all seen this quote somewhere. I believe it started circulating to empower women to embrace themselves against the pervasive magazine/model culture of stick thin, unrealistic body shapes. 

But now, it's just become an excuse.

It's an excuse to eat what you want and not exercise.  It's become the flag quote to not look after yourself.  And to many, it has become offensive.

Like me.

I have never been curvy. Ever. Even pregnant I was sticks with a big belly....I was short, little and could eat what I wanted.  I gained a little after I turned 30 but not an excessive amount.

So because I wasn't 'curvy', does that mean I was unattractive?  Unappealing?  A pretend woman?  Healthy?

At my heaviest (without pregnancy) I was 57 kilos and 5 ft 1 or 154 cms. Not too bad figuratively.  But, I couldn't run around with my kids,  I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was pre diabetic.

My " Hey let's live a little' attitude was coming true.  I was 39 and I was only going to live a little....not a long time.

I decided to make a change.  I changed what I was eating from fast food and lots of pasta to healthier options and home cooked meals through the 12 Week Body Transformation.  I moved more and made the effort to go to gym, and I found I liked it.  SO I kept going.  It wasn't all sunshine and roses though.  It was hard work. IS hard work, you get out what you put in. It is flattering to be told I look good, not so when I'm told I'm lucky I don't have to do anything to achieve it.  Nothing just comes to you, the things of value you have had to work for.

I also don't like being called a "gym" junkie, because I go to gym, doing something I enjoy.  I don't call anyone a "sit on your arse in front of the tele" junkie.  Our choices are different, we do different things we enjoy, neither one is right or wrong and too much of either would be harmful.

Let's address another excuse.  I'm not depriving myself. I eat healthy and watch portion sizes. I found I don't feel good if I eat an enormous meal, that the right portion size is enough. Too much and I feel sick.  I'm not starving myself to reach an ideal, I'm satisfied.

I have never felt so full of energy apart from when I was a kid.  It's great to feel so full of bounce and KNOW I can bounce away and still feel great. Even better if you can out-bounce your own children. :)

So, what does a real woman look like?

 REAL women are everywhere.

REAL women are from all walks of life, with all different experiences.

 REAL women come in all shapes and sizes.

There's only one identifying feature of a real woman.....and while blunt, it's a message that needs to be said.

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