Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Year.....New goals.....New Promise


So, how was Christmas and New Years Eve my friends? We had a glorious time in the sun on cruise to New could you not love this?

And how could you not love having 3 courses for Breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Plus pre meal cocktails, apres meal cocktails and several nightcaps?

So yes, on holidays we let go with wild abandon and had a brilliant time.  But now, the body pays.

Interestingly, I only gained 3 kilos which I have lost in just 2 weeks...but my body shape is taking longer to return.  Was it worth it?  I made good food choices, but just ate far too much. Certainly drank far more than I am used to lately but I returned happy, tanned and with a new WOOHOO for life!

So after settling back in to real life, it is time to look at goals.  What do I want to achieve this year?  What do I want to achieve this month? What is going to be my aim and drive?

I revisited my old fitness goals and pleased to say I attained them all.  This weekend is the culmination of goals I had until May 31st....complete Tough Mudder.  Saturday is THE DAY. I cannot wait to tick that one off the list.

But now, what will 2013 bring me?  Or rather what will I bring to 2013?

By Feb 28th :
I will lose a minimum of 2% body fat.
I will run a minimum of 10 k per week
I will complete 5 chinups/pullups at full stretch.

By June 30th:
I will run a minimum of 20 k per week
I will improve my 5k time of 26.29 mins
I will reduce body fat by at least another 2%

By September 30th:
I will run a minimum of 30 k per week
I will complete 10 chinups/pullups at full stretch
I will maintain body fat percentage or improve it.

By December 31st:
I will have completed a funrun every month this year.

Now this is by no means a complete list but a start. I'll put a copy in my goals section.

Are these attainable?  Absolutely. I know what I need to do in nutrition, I know the work I need to put in, I know the mindset I need to develop. I have the tools, and the knowledge. But the drive? Only I can find the drive to continue.

After my holidays I wandered back into wishful thinking.....


But wishful thinking doesn't get you there, action does. Wishing something was different is a waste of time, unless it is connected with purposeful action, persistence and consistency. Everyone wants that quick fix, "fix me now and make it easy." But it won't and it's not. A permanent healthy lifestyle comes from a consistent change in eating habits, drinking habits and activity habits. It takes work, and there are times you just want to give up. There are times you fall into a heap and it just seems all pointless and too hard.

But you know, you have a Super Power.

You are the only one...THE ONLY ONE, who can change your life, your thoughts, yourself. YOU. Noone can make you change, noone can do the work for you, noone can transform and create a new are the mastermind and creator of You.  So what are you going to build in yourself? What do you want to be like? What do you need to do to get there? When are you going to start and finish by?

So this is my promise for 2013:

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