Friday, 18 January 2013

I have a cunning plan......

All the best and most successful endeavors start with a plan....cunning like Blackadder or otherwise.

I have set the to develop the plan to achieve it.

To start, I looked at my goals again. Being fitness goals, I also sat down with the gym timetable, organised PT time and my projected work schedule. So the exercising timetable for the next few months will be:

Monday:             5.15 pm CX worx
                           6.50pm  Body Pump class

Tuesday              9.00am  10 K run
                           7.30pm 30 mins PT (strength based)

Wednesday          9.15 Body Combat class
                            10.15 Body Pump

Thursday               9.15 Fatburner circuit
                             5.15  CX worx class

Friday                    9.15 Cross Training
                              7.30 PT (strength based)

Saturday                 9.00 am Body Combat
                              10.00am Body Pump

Sunday    REST DAY!

On those Sundays I have a funrun, I'll have Saturday as Rest Day.

Now this is not a set in concrete plan. Plans must be flexible, especially for those pop up events like meetings, family needs, life.....but it is good to have an idea of what to do when and where.  Makes it harder to think up excuses!

Nutritionally, I have the meal plans to follow and I am constantly educating myself.  I know what foods I can't stop at....( Maltesers anyone?) and when I mindlessly eat (computer snacks for all!) So I can PLAN around those so they are not even a blip on my radar. Not drinking enough water? Make a habit of a glass at every meal and my intake will go up.  See?  I have a cunning plan...... ;)

Finally, the goal of a funrun a month........

January     Tough Mudder                 19 Jan
February   Wyndham Rotary funrun   24 Feb
March        Sri Chinmoy run              24 March OR Conquestathon
April          Run the Rock                  20 April
May           Mothers Day Classic      12 May
June           Saloman Trail running      30 June
July            The Age run Melbourne  20/21st July
August        Saloman Trail Running    25 August   OR  Tough Mudder Qld
September  Saloman Trail running      22 September OR Tough Mudder Melbourne.
October      Melbourne Marathon     13 October   OR Valley Stampede
November   Marysville Marathon     17 November
December    Sussan Womens Funrun  First weekend in December

That's a very rough plan at the moment as events are still being added to the calendar, as well as I haven't made up my mind which ones I want to do.....for example, I REALLY want to do the Conquestathon but it means staying overnight at Mt Beauty, then arranging someone to look after the kids so Troy and I can do it. He has offered to watch the kids so I can do it but....20 kms up a mountain on my own? Would much prefer him with me.

So there it is.  The starter plan. Watch this space......


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  1. That's an awesome plan - I especially like that you've got a fun run planned for each monthh.

    I have a rough idea of what fun runs to do. I have the sunset series race #2 booked in, and the grand prix track run in march. Hoping to also do the trail runs.. although I imagine I'll need new shoes for that! :)